April 30, 2019 Stink!

Kors: light on advertised fragrance ingredients

Perception is not reality when it comes to fragrance.

Michael Kors fragrance “Very Hollywood” is marketed as “a decadent but luxuriously wearable fragrance makes a stunning entrance in jewels of shimmering mandarin and glistening bergamot. Captivating performances by jasmine, ylang ylang, raspberry and star-quality gardenia are followed by appearances from a supporting cast of Italian orris, creamy amber, soft white moss and vetiver for the perfect Hollywood ending. The very essence of Hollywood glamour.”

The truth is….there’s a disconnect between what they say is inside this so-called fragrance and what is actually inside. This little stinker should be called “Very New Jersey Industrial Park” because hidden inside
is a banned sunscreen ingredient, FDA banned food flavors, ingredients shown to be harmful to aquatic life, chemicals
you shouldn’t inhale and our favorite: an insect repellent 
used to treat scabies and lice.

“Sexy as a New Jersey Industrial Park”