November 9, 2015 Stink!

What is Fragrance?

Many consumers are unaware of the “Fragrance Loophole.”  Look at all the cleaning products under your sink and at the personal care products in your bathroom. You may find the vague word FRAGRANCE on product labels – FRAGRANCE appears to be a singular ingredient but it’s not. FRAGRANCE is used in lieu of disclosing the actual chemical ingredients, which could be hundreds. These secret chemicals may be linked to cancer, reproductive issues and hormone disruption. And this is legal in America. While Europe has banned nearly 1,400 chemicals in its products, only 10 are restricted in America – and that’s by design. Our system to regulate chemicals Stinks!

Because of the Fragrance Loophole, American don’t get to choose the chemicals their families are exposed to; the fragrance, cleaning, chemical and personal care industries gets to choose for us and they don’t have our best interest in mind.

Together, we can expose the Fragrance Loophole and demand that companies start disclosing all the secret chemicals in their products. Let’s take the Stink! Ray out of the holster and demand healthy choices now. Are you ready to be a Stink! Superhero? #SecretsStink


In addition to product manufacturers, we need industry lobbyists to stop gerrymandering and interfering with regulators, so that the regulators can get harmful chemicals off the market and start requiring the disclosure of ALL chemicals on product labels. Consumers need disclosure, not exposure.

Hit these lobbying organizations on social and ask them to explain the consumer benefits of undisclosed chemicals linked to cancer and hormone disruption in everyday consumer products.  tradeass

International Fragrance Association Twitter  Facebook
American Chemistry Council Twitter Facebook
Personal Care Product Council Twitter Facebook
American Cleaning Institute Twitter Facebook